Education Videos is going strive to be an educational network that discusses sex in a fun, healthy, and smart manner. For many people, sex can be a taboo subject, yet everyone and their mother has sex. The biggest problem is conflation, sex is NOT porn. Porn is entertainment and sex is intimacy, which is based on that love frequency. Sex is not so much about penetration, but about mentally and emotionally getting to know your significant other. You can have an orgasm without penetration, by exchanging positive energy with someone you're really connected to. 

We're going to provide various videos from sex education doctors discussing sex and how to have a better sex life. We're also going to provide various how-to vidoes on different sex positions, situations, etc. There are going to be many videos on Tantric Sex, which will bring your sexual experience to a whole new level.

Also, we are going to discuss celibacy, which for some may be their calling. Another topic is porn addiction. We know some people can watch porn and they're fine, however there are others who'll watch porn and can become instantly addicted. So, we're going to provide videos on these two topics. 

We'll keep this page updated with new videos as soon as we have them available.